Absolute Leadership

Leadership and Management. Strength or Weakness?

Both strong leadership and strong management skills are essential for any business to grow. Businesses can be placed into one of the following four groups according to whether their leadership and management skills are strengths or weaknesses. In which group would you place your business?

1.   Strong Leadership and Strong Management

Strong leadership essentially provides clarity of direction and vision, whereas strong management provides the operational means to deliver and bring vision into reality. Individuals, teams and businesses that effectively utilise both leadership and management skills will maximise their chances to perform and sustain themselves into the future.

2.   Strong Leadership and Weak Management

Strong leadership often creates an environment of excitement and enthusiasm. However, when it is accompanied by weak management, dysfunctional chaos is also a frequent result. People may well be inspired by a vision, but it is also essential to have the management skills to deliver and bring the vision into reality.

3.   Weak Leadership and Strong Management

The combination of weak leadership and strong management often creates well managed bureaucracies that lack, or are a blind to, meaningful direction and purpose.  A typical characteristic of this combination is poor motivation where employees simply 'go through the motions.' 

4.   Weak Leadership and Weak Management

Weak leadership and weak management is simply unsustainable. Businesses like this (they do exist!) do not last very long unless dramatic action is taken.

Regardless of in which group you placed your business, if you want better leadership and management in your business, take advantage of our complimentary introduction session, without charge or obligation, that also allows us to determine if we are a match to work together with you.  To book your complimentary session  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.